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  • My Goals

    76,000 knuckle push ups...

    100 one arm push ups - each arm...

    Lift a total of 20,000,000 kg using Kettlebell's ...

    260 snatches with a 24 kg Kettlebell in 10 minutes...

    Spar 800 - 2:00 minute rounds...

    Learn a new traditional weapon...

    Break 8 patio stones with a hammer fist...

    Break 8 boards with a back kick...

    Break a wooden baseball bat...

    Do white belt - 5th dan poomse 1040 times each...

    Lose 10 pounds...

    Read one inspirational book a month...

    Reduce my carbon foot print by 40%...

    Complete 4 Community Based Leadership projects...

    Complete 52 acts of kindness...

    Write 52 motivational articles...

    Watch 100 Inspirational Videos...

    Buy only Used not New...

    Giant Killing :)...

  • Top Posts

  • RSS Seth Godin’s Blog…

    • Price vs. cost October 16, 2017
      Price is a simple number. How much money do I need to hand you to get this thing? Cost is more relevant, more real and more complicated. Cost is what I had to give up to get this. Cost is how much to feed it, take care of it, maintain it and troubleshoot it. Cost is my lack of focus and my cost of storage. Cost is the externalities, the effluent, the side ef […]
    • Look around October 15, 2017
      Proximity matters a great deal. Detroit car executives in the 1970s and 1980s consistently failed to respond to the threat from Japanese imports. They weren't merely arrogant—they were blinded by proximity. Everyone in their neighborhood, everyone on their commute, everyone in their parking lot was driving an American car. How could there be a problem? […]
    • On speaking up October 14, 2017
      The status quo is not kind. It works overtime to stay the status quo, and that means that new ideas, urgent pleas and cries for justice are rarely easily voiced. We're pleased that Annie Kenney stood up for a woman's right to vote all those years ago, even if she got arrested for doing so. And we're proud of Elijah Harper, who brought a debate […]
    • Seeking sonder October 13, 2017
      Sonder is defined as that moment when you realize that everyone around you has an internal life as rich and as conflicted as yours. That everyone has a noise in their head. That everyone thinks that they are right, and that they have suffered affronts and disrespect at the hands of others. That everyone is afraid. And that everyone realizes that they are als […]
    • Distance to the top October 12, 2017
      It's tempting to enter a field where mastery is assured, where you have a very good shot of being as good at it as everyone else. It turns out, though, that the most exciting and productive fields are those where there's a huge gap between those that are perceived to be the very best and everyone else. The wider the gap, the more it's worth to […]
  • RSS Hyperbole Blog…

    • Menace October 2, 2013
      Power is intoxicating. Everyone loves having the ability to make their decisions into reality — to think "this should be something that happens," and then actually be able to make that thing happen. It is also dangerous. And it is especially dangerous when applied to four-year-olds. Four-year-olds lack the experience to wield power responsibly. The […]
    • Depression Part Two May 9, 2013
      I remember being endlessly entertained by the adventures of my toys. Some days they died repeated, violent deaths, other days they traveled to space or discussed my swim lessons and how I absolutely should be allowed in the deep end of the pool, especially since I was such a talented doggy-paddler. I didn't understand why it was fun for me, it just was. […]
    • Pre-Post Transition Post May 9, 2013
      This isn't a real post. I'm going to post the real post tomorrow. But it feels like there should be some sort of intermediate thing to prepare everyone for the abrupt change of speed ahead. Here's a picture of an airplane. I realize that airplanes don't look like that, but this has been a hard year for me and learning how to draw planes a […]

Day – 290


Day – 290!


Day – 289


Day – 289!

2:30 pm – Cycled to the Dojang.

5:00 pm – Worked on Flexibility & Heavy Bag Training (25 of each, counter back kick, back kick, front leg side kick, front & rear hand punch).

9:00 pm – Cycled Home

Day – 288

Nr. 288

Day – 288!

200 Knuckle Push Ups.

Worked on Flexibility.

Day – 287


Day – 287!

6:00 am – Cycled to the Dojang.

8:00 am – Snatch Training, 24 kg’s, 10:00 Minutes (6 – R, 4 – L), 186 Reps, 4,464 kg’s

8:15 am – Fixation Training, 32 kg’s, 4 Rounds.

8:30 am – V02 Max Training, 30/15, 16 kg, 10 Rounds

9:15 am – Worked on Flexibility & Heavy Bag Training (25 counter back kicks, back kicks, front leg side kick & rear hand punch).

11:00 am – Cycled Home

Day – 286


Day – 286!

Cycled 20 Kilometers.

Day – 285


Day – 285!

4:30 pm – Cycled to the Dojang

5:30 pm – Snatch Training, 24 Kg’s, 10:00 Minutes (R – 6, L – 4), 198 Reps, 4,752 kg’s

5:45 pm – Fixation Training, 32 kg’s, 4 Rounds.

7:30 pm – Worked on Flexibility & Heavy Bag Training (25 counter back kicks, 25 back kicks).

9:00 pm – Cycled Home.

Day – 284


Day – 284!

2:30 pm – Cycled to the Dojang.

5:00 pm – Worked on Flexibility & Heavy Bag Training (25 each of counter back kick, back kick, front leg side kick, rear hand & front hand strike)

9:00 pm – Cycled Home.